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The Evolution of Horror

Sep 21, 2017


This week Mike is joined by Ollie Charles as we begin our in depth look at the evolution of the slasher, and review the two movies that are often considered the forerunners to the format, Psycho and Peeping Tom. Mike is also joined by a chat with film composer, musician and historian, Neil Brand for a chat about that Bernard Herman score. 

Podcast music by Jack Whitney (@Jack_Whitney) 

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Ollie Charles works as a film PR for trafalgar releasing and also writes for Front Row Reviews. You can find him on twitter: @OllieCharles 

Neil Brand is a film historian, musician and composer. You can find details of his upcoming events at or follow him on twitter: @NeilKBrand 

Mike Muncer is a TV & Podcast Producer and Film Journalist. You can find him on twitter: @TheMovieMike 
He also produces and co-presents another film podcast with Rhianna Dhillon called Back Row: 

Thanks for listening, tune in next week for our GIALLO special. Mike will be joined by Dan Martin from the Arrow Video Podcast, as well as special guest ALAN JONES. Until next time...

Dracula (1958)
Dir: Terence Fisher
Courtesy of Hammer Films

Psycho (1960)
Dir: Alfred Hitchcock
Courtesy of Shamley Productions

Peeping Tom (1960) 
Dir: Michael Powell
Courtesy of Michael Powell (Theatre) 

Halloween (1978) 
Dir: John Carpenter
Courtesy of Falcon International Productions & Compass International Pictures