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The Evolution of Horror

Apr 19, 2019

This week Mike is joined by Digital Wizard Alex Ayling to discuss one of the splatteriest, squelchiest and squishiest zombie movies ever made…Peter Jackson’s BRAINDEAD. If that doesn’t make you nauseous enough, Mike is then joined by extreme cinema expert Zobo With A Shotgun...

Apr 12, 2019

This week Mike chats to Barbara Crampton (!!!) to discuss her career and new movie Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich.
Mike is also joined by actor Stevie Webb to discuss one of Crampton's earliest movies, RE-ANIMATOR, as well as Robert Zimeckis' brilliantly weird and wonderful DEATH BECOMES...

Apr 5, 2019

"Sometimes, Dead Is Better."
This week Mike is joined by Becky Darke to discuss Bill Pullman's great hair and the return of the old-school voodoo zombie in Wes Craven's THE SERPENT & THE RAINBOW. He is then joined by Anna Wilczek to discuss Mary Lambert's terrifying PET SEMATARY (1989). 

Music by Jack Whitney


Mar 29, 2019

This week Mike is joined by filmmakers Cat Davies and James Moran to discuss Romero’s divisive conclusion to his ‘Dead’ trilogy, Day Of The Dead (1985). He is then joined by filmmaker, journalist and podcaster Sam Ashurst to discuss punk masterpiece Return Of The Living Dead (1985).

Music by Jack Whitney


Mar 22, 2019

DEAD BY DAWN! DEAD BY DAWN! This week Mike is joined by Empire Podcast’s Chris Hewitt to discuss Sam Raimi’s deranged masterpieces Evil Dead 1 & 2. We also briefly touch upon Army of Darkness, the remake, Drag Me To Hell and of course, Ash Vs The Evil Dead.

Music by Jack Whitney

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